Justin Hynes-Bruell

B.S Computer Engineering, Northeastern University


With years of experience working in the Boston area. Justin has gained invaluable experience as an embedded engineer. Working for small startups to large corporations, enabled him to create intricate independent projects, and lead large team based projects.

Below are examples of his dedication to detail, quick design, and team leadership.

Work Experience

Digital Lumens

At Digital Lumens, my primary task was designing, manufacturing, and testing PCB's for their next generation lighting system. I was often challenged to design cost-effective boards that were innovative in manufacturing techniques, as well as push our product though electromagnetic compatibility. My major project was to develop a USB interface control board that could withstand 5kV standoff voltage, and supply laptop power when necessary. This was controlled by at ATTINY “state machine”, which I also wrote the firmware for. The tools I used to accomplish my projects included Altium, Python, and Solidworks.


At Grove Labs, my primary task was drafting, constructing, and outlining quality-assurance tests for PCBs for the Grove Ecosystem. Mechanical specifications were a constant struggle, but I overcame this by negotiating size and number of board layers with my boss, as well as drawing from previous experience to find innovative ways to minimize parts and design a more sleek and efficient product. This involved using various materials in the construction of mechanical prototypes. My primary project in this co-op was designing the first iteration of the Power Control Board PCB, which is now sold in retail. The tools that I used to accomplish my projects included DipTrace, OrCAD, and OnShape.


Before Grove, I worked at Hasbro serving on their Advanced Technology and Innovation (ATI) team. On this team, I built hardware prototypes and embedded software programs for products that are now currently on the market, including but not limited to: Star Wars, Nerf, and Sesame Street. I am proficient in 5 internal embedded programming languages as well as Arduino. I have also created PCBs for Hasbro using Eagle, Multisim, and ExpressPCB.



Lead development for hardware and firmware. Competing aginst strong competition, pushed team of six engineers to 1st place.

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Augmented Reality for PD

Useing a Microsoft Hololens (Augmented Reality) and a custom gait analysis device, we designed and built an assistive tool will enhance the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease by helping them to overcome Freezeing of Gait (FOG).

This was presented at RISE for Northeastern University

View Research Paper Here

STM32 NFC Project

A Harvard professor wanted to record if patients were following treatment plan.

The link below is still under work

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IR remote

My teammate, John Smith, and I won 1st place in IR transmitter/reciever competition at Northeastern University.


Created an inventory management system that is customer facing for food products. Has metrics regarding usage and user preferences as well as out of stock warnings.

Hike 4000

Here, users can create an account using facebook, G+, or email, and share rides with other hikers to the 48 4,000-foot mountains of New Hampshire. They can also find resources and descriptions of the mountains, as well as a weather tracker to see what date would work best for their hike. I am currently on establishing a public forum where people can ask other hikers their opinions on anything from the mountains themselves to preference of hiking gear.

Digital Lumens

For Digital Lumens, I created a web app using Heroku that allows us to manage and keep an inventory of the company’s electronic components. This web app ran a background python script to scrape DigiKey and Mouser for data regarding the name of the part, the number of parts in stock, the cost of each part, and miscellaneous other data for the components.

Product on Tindie

Created a water level sensor product sold on Tindie

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Future goals

VR Related personal projects. Perhaps using MagicLeap